When will Admin Console be available for viewing user sign-ups and logins?

I have install mattermost on ubuntu 14.04 server. everything is working fine. But I can only see the team panel there.
I want to have Admin panel So that i can see who has just singed up. and how many users have logged in?

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hi @sachinkumar19, the Admin Console is still under development (initial features planned for v0.8.0 releasing Oct 2, 2015): https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/PL-10?filter=10002

Logs for new user sign-ups and logins are currently tracked, we just need to add the UI to view them.

Thanks for your reply. I’m totally new to this thing. Can you please tell me how i can add UI in mattermost?
And also how to use mattermost to make the best use of this.

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How to change mattermost logo to something else?

Hi @sachinkumar19, there will be a “Site Branding” section in the Admin Console where you can change the logo and customize the look of Mattermost: Preview: Admin Console

Thanks again.
One more thing I want to run mattermost on domain name instead of IP. For example instead of this IP:8065. I need this Domain:8065
Or without this port if possible. I mean directly on port 80

Yes, please see “ServiceSettings” and “Port” as referenced here: Preview: Documenting config.json settings (pre-Mattermost v1.0)