Working with SQL Server using service accounts

Please let me know if I am missing something.

I am building a database on a dev system using my Windows credentials. Now my manager told me to migrate the database to another environment, but only gave a service account access to the database, and told me to use the service account. My windows credentials don’t have access to the database.

I have some SQL Server SSIS packages that push and pull data to this database that I can configure to make use of the service account, that’s fine. But how do I access the database to view data, or test stored procedures and functions or make changes using only a service account?

The service account is an Active Directory account.

He is adamant that the service account is sufficient.

The environment is making use of SQL Server 2012.

Hi Christianaste20,

I’m afraid that we aren’t equipped to answer questions about SQL Server credentials. You might try posting your question in a more general community like or If you have a question that is more specific to Mattermost, we’d be happy to help.