AI Assistant answers blank response after fresh OpenOps install

Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for all your work around OpenOps.
I try to experiment OpenOps on a self-hosted machine.
I followed exactely the install instructions using localai backend.

I don’t know how to check OpenOps version but
I cloned GitHub - mattermost/openops: Open source stack for applying AI to workflows in secure environments on master branch currently on 5eee75a.

I succeeded to connect to the Mattermost OpenOps instance.
When I try to initiate a discussion with AI Assistant, the latter responds instantly with blank answers.

Thank you in advance for your help, wish you best for the end of the year.

When I examin openops-localai docker container stdout, with docker logs, I see this error:

12:34PM DBG Request received: {"model":"gpt4all-j","file":"","language":"","response_format":"","size":"","prompt":null,"instruction":"","input":null,"stop":null,"messages":[{"role":"system","content":"You are a helpful assistant."},{"role":"user","content":"Hello."}],"stream":true,"echo":false,"top_p":1,"top_k":0,"temperature":1,"max_tokens":0,"n":0,"batch":0,"f16":false,"ignore_eos":false,"repeat_penalty":0,"n_keep":0,"mirostat_eta":0,"mirostat_tau":0,"mirostat":0,"frequency_penalty":0,"tfz":0,"seed":0,"mode":0,"step":0,"typical_p":0}
12:34PM DBG Parameter Config: &{OpenAIRequest:{Model:gpt4all-j File: Language: ResponseFormat: Size: Prompt:<nil> Instruction: Input:<nil> Stop:<nil> Messages:[]
Stream:false Echo:false TopP:1 TopK:80 Temperature:1 Maxtokens:512 N:0 Batch:0 F16:false IgnoreEOS:false RepeatPenalty:0 Keep:0 MirostatETA:0 MirostatTAU:0 Mirostat:0 FrequencyPenalty:0 TFZ:0 Seed:0 Mode:0 Step:0 TypicalP:0} Name: StopWords:[] Cutstrings:[] TrimSpace:[] ContextSize:512 F16:false Threads:4 Debug:true Roles:map[] Embeddings:false Backend: TemplateConfig:{Completion: Chat: Edit:} MirostatETA:0 MirostatTAU:0 Mirostat:0 NGPULayers:0 MMap:false MMlock:false TensorSplit:
MainGPU: ImageGenerationAssets: PromptCachePath: PromptCacheAll:false PromptCacheRO:false PromptStrings:[] InputStrings:[] InputToken:[]}
12:34PM DBG Stream request received
12:34PM DBG Template found, input modified to: The prompt below is a question to answer, a task to complete, or a conversation to respond to; decide which and write an appropriate response
### Prompt:
You are a helpful assistant.
### Response:
12:34PM DBG Loading model 'gpt4all-j' greedly
12:34PM DBG [llama] Attempting to load
12:34PM DBG Loading model llama from gpt4all-j
12:34PM DBG Sending chunk: {"object":"chat.completion.chunk","model":"gpt4all-j","choices":[{"delta":{"role":"assistant"}}],"usage":{"prompt_tokens":0,"completion_tokens":0,"total_tokens":0}}

12:34PM DBG Loading model in memory from file: /models/gpt4all-j
llama.cpp: loading model from /models/gpt4all-j
error loading model: unexpectedly reached end of file
llama_init_from_file: failed to load model
12:34PM DBG [llama] Fails: failed loading model
12:34PM DBG [gpt4all] Attempting to load
12:34PM DBG Loading model gpt4all from gpt4all-j
12:34PM DBG Loading model in memory from file: /models/gpt4all-j
12:34PM DBG [gpt4all] Loads OK

which indicates the model was not correctly loaded.

Would you know why?

Checking the OpenOps version can be a bit tricky, but since you cloned from the master branch, you’re likely up-to-date.

As for the AI Assistant giving blank responses, I’ve encountered a similar situation before. One time, while testing out an AI for sales, I faced a similar issue where it seemed like the AI wasn’t engaging properly. What helped me was tweaking the settings and giving it more context. Sometimes, these AIs need a bit of guidance to understand what we’re looking for. Maybe try phrasing your questions a bit differently or providing more details to see if that helps spark some meaningful responses.