AI Link Drop - share your coolest finds!

AI Link Drop! :sparkles: :fairy:

Below are some cool AI-related links our team has shared recently. Please share your own interesting and helpful findings below. A special :heavy_plus_sign: :heart: to educational and open source resources!

BTW, Nothing posted in this topic is considered an official endorsement by Mattermost.


LMSYS Chatbot Arena! :crossed_swords:

  • Chat with two anonymous models side-by-side and vote for which one is better!
  • You can do multiple rounds of conversations before voting.
  • The names of the models will be revealed after your vote. Conversations with identity keywords (e.g., ChatGPT, Bard, Vicuna) or any votes after the names are revealed will not count towards the leaderboard.
  • Click “Clear history” to start a new round.

Learn more on their blog.

Hugging Face Hub + ML-Agents! :hugging_face:

You can now:

  • Push your trained agent to the Hub
  • Download one of the 3,500 trained models
  • Visualize the agents playing directly on Spaces

That have multiple tutorials:

  • Train Huggy to catch the stick
  • Train Julien the bear to shoot targets with snowballs
  • Train your team to play Soccer

LLM Garden! :seedling:

With so many Large Language Models (LLMs) released regularly, here’s a list of popular available options so you can easily search and compare.

MLU-Explain! :apple:

Machine Learning University (MLU) is an education initiative from Amazon designed to teach machine learning theory and practical application. As part of that goal, MLU-Explain exists to teach important machine learning concepts through visual essays in a fun, informative, and accessible manner.

Make QR Codes in Stable Diffusion! :camera_flash:

A recent Reddit post showcased a series of artistic QR codes created with Stable Diffusion. Those QR codes were generated with a custom-trained ControlNet model. Just like another day in the Stable Diffusion community, people have quickly figured out how to make QR codes with Stable Diffusion WITHOUT a custom model.

The Illustrated Stable Diffusion! :funeral_urn:

AI image generation is the most recent AI capability blowing people’s minds (mine included). The ability to create striking visuals from text descriptions has a magical quality to it and points clearly to a shift in how humans create art. The release of Stable Diffusion is a clear milestone in this development because it made a high-performance model available to the masses (performance in terms of image quality, as well as speed and relatively low resource/memory requirements).

GPT-4 is now generally available :sparkles::floppy_disk:

GPT-3.5 Turbo, DALL·E and Whisper APIs are also generally available, and we are releasing a deprecation plan for older models of the Completions API, which will retire at the beginning of 2024.

Llama 2 is now available :llama:

Llama 2 is available for free for research and commercial use.

Promptimize :scroll:

Promptimize is fully open source tool that aims to evaluate and benchmark LLM prompts.

Here are three key takeaways from the project:

Prompt Engineering for Better Model Performance: Prompts can be used to ask for structured output from AI systems, enabling specific use cases like requesting SQL queries in a JSON format. The value of prompting is crucial. By structuring questions and providing context with prompts, AI systems can be effectively utilized for specialized tasks.

The Power of Test Suites for Model Evaluation: You know test suites in traditional software development? Developing a comprehensive test suite highly optimized for a specific use case enables quick identification of the best model for that particular scenario.

Embracing User Feedback and Iteration: User research techniques such as logging data, thumbs up/down ratings, and interviews can help evaluate the effectiveness of AI assist features.

LocalAI :houses:

LocalAI is a drop-in replacement REST API that’s compatible with OpenAI API specifications for local inferencing. It allows you to run LLMs (and not only) locally or on-prem with consumer grade hardware, supporting multiple model families that are compatible with the ggml format.

OpenOps uses LocalAI out-of-the-box to integrate with local models.

Explore the Dragon Realm: Build a C++ adventure game with a little help from AI :dragon:

:scroll: Dive into the world of C++ and craft a magical text-based adventure game with my newest blog post! Let GitLab Duo Code Suggestions be your AI companion as you navigate the :dragon: Dragon Realm!

Check out this cool GitLab tutorial using AI to make a text-based adventure game.

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As an invited speaker at AI DevWorld 2023, I’ve been given a URL for folks to sign up for a free virtual pass to the conference: HERE

An OPEN Pass will give them access to all OPEN Talks and to the virtual Expo. Take advantage of this exclusive speaker benefit.

Check out the schedule for a list of all the open talks (Oct 25th - Nov 2nd).

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