Design Preview: AI-enhanced Search

With the initial release of our AI plugin, we’re already seeing the amazing value that summarization capabilities can bring to Mattermost.

We’re now actively working on further improvements that will greatly expand this value including AI-enhanced search.

Search UI updates to make way for AI Copilot search

To accommodate for the new AI Copilot search capabilities, we’re working on some UI improvements in the global search modal. The existing search functions for messages and files will remain the same, but with a refreshed interface and a new tab for AI search.

Query AI for answers across the workspace

When “AI Copilot” is selected as the search method, users will be able to query across all the conversations they have access to (and only those they have access to) to find the most relevant answers to their questions. This enables users to search in a more topical manner, rather than the standard keyword-based search.

As you start typing, AI can serve up suggested queries.

AI Copilot Search Results

Once a search is executed, the AI Copilot right panel opens up with a streaming response of the summarized answer to your query.

Answers with links to the original source content

The references to the original source content are linked inline and in an expandable section below the answer. Post previews of these sources are displayed within this section.

In addition, a ‘related questions’ section displays to drill-down further into the answers you’re looking for.

We’d love your feedback

That’s a quick look at the work in progress. If you’re interested in a more in-depth look at the current thinking, here’s an early UX specification. We’re excited about the possibilities that AI-enhanced search could bring to Mattermost. We think a more semantic, topic-based search could save massive amounts of time and bring significant value to our customers. What do you think? What problems do you have that you wish AI-enhanced search could solve?