Holiday Hackfest 2016 Update

The Mattermost Holiday Hackfest 2016 is going strong! So far we’ve had more than 25 merged pull requests from community members, with many more being reviewed as we speak.

The release cycle for Mattermost 3.6 is coming to a close and as a result merges for submitted pull requests will be delayed as we focus on getting the release out the door. To make sure that all the currently and newly submitted Hackfest PRs get merged on time, we’re extending the merge deadline of the Hackfest until January 20th. The submission deadline for PRs will stay at January 8th.

Contributors still have a chance to win an exclusive Mattermost shirt by making four pull requests to any issues with a “Hackfest” label in Mattermost-hosted GitHub repositories!

Best contribution also wins a special prize!

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