Retrieve users history

Has anyone had this requirement earlier and found a way to do this?

If I want to retrieve a users history of posts like,
Users conversation with others - with date and time
Others who had a conversation with that particular user - with date and time.

I can see the Posts table has these data but it’s like scattered. user id, posts id, channel id, etc. I can’t find a way to get this as organized.

In an organization, if a user resigns from the company. We would need to archive the user’s posts data and we would need some help on that.

Please help.

Hello, @leosimony

May I know if you can check out the How do I extract posts from a Mattermost channel? post to see if the topic helps you to obtain the information you need? Thanks.

Sure. Thank you for your reply. I will try with that and share the feedback.

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