[SOLVED] Upgraded to 4.5 -- LDAP Problem

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We are upgrading our enterprise server from 4.2.0 to 4.5.0. When we attempt to log into the new server, we

Steps to reproduce

Create 4.5.0 server, copy over config.json, configure database connection. Startup the platform (no errors, enterprise license enabled) Try to log in.

Expected behavior

Logging in as a previously created (in 4.2) LDAP user should Just Work.

Observed behavior

Login fails and the login screen displays the following error: “AD/LDAP not available on this server”.

Also, the command,

platform ldap sync

hangs indefinitely.

Any help is appreciated.

Found the problem here:

I needed to manually create the client/plugins directory.


Pleased your issue is resolved :slight_smile: