Unable to edit slash command or webhook

New installation of mattermost 3.1.0 and find I’m unable to manage/edit/modify slash commands or webhooks after creation. Attempted using browser, Windows app and Apple iPad app. I see no documentation about this or anyone mentioning this is an issue. Also, there is no way to test a slash command before saving it, like “slack” provides. So if the command is invalid I see no way to fix it.

Hi @lionelb8, here is the documentation: http://docs.mattermost.com/developer/slash-commands.html#enabling-custom-commands

Thanks for responding, but did not address issue.

Just responding to the first question about editing slash commands (or webhooks) after they are created, there are tickets to add that but they have not been completed yet:


If someone from the community is interested in working on them, we can likely make them accepting pull requests.

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Please also see this post icw passing parameters, icw providing a method for parsiong the parameters into variables before sending them to the web service. The current implementation is only useful for developers, not end users of the product. As such I cannot implement Mattermost is our environment. I.e. Having chat channels is not sufficient justification for using the product, i need to be able to implement existing tests/checks and feedback results to mattermost from existing webservices and web based reports.


I agree. It is completely crazy having to delete and re-add a webhook just to change it’s name or the channel it applies to.

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Thanks for your feedback @OliverRC,

I’ve responded to the new issue you opened :slight_smile: