0 teams while upgrading girlab matermost with girlab 8.9

I have an instance of gitlab which when I installed, I set up mattermost but didn’t use it at the time.Now that I’ve upgraded gitlab and plan to use it, I run the interactive upgrade but it says I have 0 teams (expected), but I can’t do the upgrade because I can’t choose any team for the script to keep running.

gitlab@gitlab:~/mattermost/bin$ sudo -u mattermost -i bash
mattermost@gitlab:~$ cd /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/mattermost
mattermost@gitlab:/opt/gitlab/embedded/service/mattermost$ /opt/gitlab/embedded/bin/mattermost -config=’/var/opt/gitlab/mattermost/config.json’ -upgrade_db_30

Please see http://www.mattermost.org/upgrade-to-3-0/
WARNING This upgrade process will be irreversible.
Have you performed a database backup? (YES/NO): YES
We found 0 teams.
Please pick a primary team from the list above:

Since you never used it you can drop all the tables from the DB and they will be re-created.

You might be able to drop the DB, but I’m not sure if gitlab reconfigure will re-created it. You would then be forced to add back the database user.