Academic licensing for AD/LDAP integration


I want to install the community edition of mattermost for our trade school class of it specialists. My idea was to use a LDAP-Server, so that we can add other usefull applications later like gitlab for coding. I saw a LDAP section in the configuration-file. After some testing, the authentication using LDAP was not working. So I did some research and found out that according to the doc this feature is only avaliable in the enterprise edition.

This would result in licences costs of $600 per year, which is not suiteable for us. But I was wondering that the configuration file has a ldap section in the community edition when its not avaliable there.

So is LDAP working in mattermost community edition and I simply did mistakes in the configuration?
Or is the documentation right, so that it’s only enabled in enterprise and the configuration file is shared for both community and enterprise edition?

The docs you reviewed are correct, there’s academic licensing available for Enterprise Edition E10, there’s also lots of organizations using Mattermost Team Edition under the MIT license.

To share some examples: