Adding the new interface for summarize unreads from a channel

Today I’ve been working on adding the interface needed in the application to summarize channel unread. For this, I had to add a new plugin extension point in the Mattermost web interface, specifically for the unread bar (the one that appears when you have unread posts in the channel).

I added that extensibility and the code that adds the interface for summarizing the posts from the Mattermost AI Plugin. With these two things in place, we only need to add the server API endpoint that allows us to use AI to summarize the unread posts.

Here is the video with the demo:

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Great job with these videos, @jespino! It’s really cool getting to see everything in action out in the open like this. Really nice work. :pinched_fingers:

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Thanks, we are exploring a lot of things and the potential of this is really amazing. I think all this features are going to be part of our daily workflow soon.