List channels with unread messages

Latest version 4.6.1 at our place, has changed the channel dialog to show recent channels. The channels with unread messages is gone. That was the single most useful feature in Mattermost. You could fast and easily graze all your unreads.

Please inject the unread channels again, above the recent channels in the dialoge.

Hello, @kaze72

Can you please confirm if you are referring to the following Unreads section in the desktop client?

If not, can you share a screen shot of how it currently looks like on your side? Keep me posted.

Thanks. It’s not the side-section I mean, it’s the Swich Channels dialouge. I submit a screenshot here (I dont have UNREADS and don’t know how to enable that). I have made a red line where it would be beautiful to have the unread channels listed (before the RECENT).

Hi, @kaze72

I was off the radar for a bit, so I do apologize for the radio silence.

The concern that you brought up (I believe) refers to this:

I’d recommend you to add it to your watchlist for update from the team when the feature is going to be reimplemented. Hopefully, soon.