Show unread count in channel list

Is it possible to display the number of unread messages in the channels in the sidebar?

@webparadoxer This is not currently implemented but there is an existing feature request issue open here

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But it says about the settings which to show, but Iā€™m just interested in the amount that is not read in the channel
And I see in changelog 5.15

  • Fixed an issue with an absence of unread badges on private channels on mobile apps.

Hi, @webparadoxer

May I know on which platform are you are referring to, the version of the app, and the Mattermost version you are running on now? The current functionality in the latest apps include the unread message counter as you can see in the following screen shot by default:

Screenshot 2020-01-17 at 07.43.31

Can you also provide screen shot of what you are currently seeing on your end?

Latest version - 5.18.1 on debian server
Mac desktop - latest
iOS - latest

Hi, @webparadoxer

Thanks for the update. Any chance you can share the screen shot / screen recording of what you are seeing on your end? This will allow me to get a better understanding on the current behavior. Thanks.