More unread notification will not go away

I do not have any unread messages as far as I know but Mattermost keeps telling me that I have them (check the image below). Any idea how to reset that?

This happens in the iPhone mobile and in the Mac app.


Mattermost Enterprise Edition

Modern communication from behind your firewall.

Mattermost Version: 5.30.1

Database Schema Version: 5.30.0

Database: postgres

Hello @RicardoE105 I’m confident we’ll be able to get this figured out!

Can you confirm if the same issue occurs with the web client as well?

Hello @XxLilBoPeepsxX

Yes, it does happen with the web client as well.

Alright, thanks for clarifying.
Just to be sure, the “More unread messages” box shows up when you are viewing a channel, even when there are no new messages being sent in the other channels by anyone else?

@XxLilBoPeepsxX that is correct.

That’s quite interesting to hear!
@ahmaddanial Do you know if this is more likely to be a websocket/networking issue, or would you say more related to the codebase itself and possibly a bug? Just trying to get a good starting point for troubleshooting etc.

Hello, @RicardoE105

Based on experience, the issue could (potentially) be related to mixed collations in the database but before confirming on that, can you please increase the file log level to DEBUG and reproduce the issue while tailing the mattermost.log?

We are looking for error something that looks like this - Unable to update the last viewed at time. We can then dig into the issue based on the error detail shown.

Side note, can you please confirm if you have the experimental sidebar enabled?

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Ok, turned Expimental Sidebar Features on, and it showed me three channels without a name where I was mentioned. Leaved those channels and the More unreads is now gone.

The weird thing here is that when Expimental Sidebar Features was off I could not see those channels in the menu. :thinking:

@XxLilBoPeepsxX @ahmaddanial thank you guys, you were very helpful.