[SOLVED] Notifications but no visible un-read messages

I am seeing some issues around un-read messages, where notifications are received but un-read messages are either not highlighted or even not visible on iOS or in the Browser.

Steps to reproduce:
I’ve been un-successful in trying to reproduce the errors. I can’t see any errors or events in the Mattermost or Nginix logs from around the times the issues occured.

Without being able to reproduce the issues, I’m looking for some guidance on what further steps I should take on troubleshooting.

Most users have Mobile notifications on iOS set to “For all activity” and “Online, away or offline” and thus users aren’t using @ calls in this environment.

Description of issues:

  1. A user receives an iOS notification for a new message but no unread messages are shown in the UI on iOS and Desktop Browser. User needs to open every channel to find the new message.
  2. A user is invited to a new direct message channel. The receive an iOS notifications but the new channel is not viewable either on iOS or the Desktop. Confirmed on multiple desktops.
  3. User A send User B a direct message in an existing channel.
  • User B receives a notification on iOS but the message is not displayed either on iOS or the Desktop.
  • User B replies to User A in the same channel.
  • User A replies that the message in the channel but User B cannot see it.
  • The message is present in the database.

Single Host Centos 7
Mattermost Team Edition 4.7.3
Nginx 1.12.2
5.6.39 MySQL Community Server

Hi @mrowell,

Thank you for this report!

I have some initial questions to help with troubleshooting: what Mattermost app version are you using and what iOS version are you using?

Hi @amy.blais,

Thanks for the reply.

We are running Mattermost Team Edition 4.7.3 and the latest iOS apps (1.6.1).

Hi @mrowell,

In the scenarios you describe, did the user receiving the notification while they had the app open or was it in the background?

Hi @hmhealey,

The notification is received not while the app is open and generally while the phone is locked. Users usually start with “I tapped on the notification…”


Okay, that sounds like a known issue that will be fixed in the upcoming 1.7 release of the mobile app so that it’ll take you to the correct channel when you open the app from a push notification. It should be coming out in a week or two, but if any of your users would like to try the 1.7 beta before then to see if it’s fixed, we have instructions for how to sign up for it here.

Thanks @hmhealey.

I’ll do some testing on the 1.7 beta and see how we go when 1.7 is released.

Thank you so much for your time.

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I have a potentially related issue on my company’s server (which seems pretty new): MM is telling me I have 2 unread messages and I cannot find them. I have visited all channels I’m a member of, I have tried opening direct messages with almost everyone. I’m afraid the unread messages may be in multi-people DMs I don’t remember and that were obsoleted automatically.

How can I find which 2 messages are unread?

About says:

Mattermost Version: dev
Database Schema Version: 5.7.0

Hi @kov,

What device and OS are you seeing this issue on?