The "Threads" show a counter although all messages are read

I have a counter of 1 unread message in the threads section although all messages are already read.

Steps to reproduce
I have suspicion which I cannot confirm (because I cannot clear the counter). I believe that this happened after I marked as unread a message of mine in a thread with a team member. Now, I don’t remember which thread it was and I cannot find it (I don’t have any message which is unread).

Expected behavior
I expect that the counter won’t show once all messages are read.

Observed behavior

We have a related fix queued for the next release [MM-45802] - Mattermost.

In the meanwhile there is a workaround to clear out the unread counter that you can try out Unread thread when none exists · Issue #22060 · mattermost/mattermost · GitHub.

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