Unread messages indicators is showing in the taskbar/serverbar but nothing is marked in the team bar

Hi !
I’m using mattermost 5.3.1 client on windows and I’m often facing some issues with unread messages indicators.
What happens is : the windows taskbar icon shows I have unread messages (red circle), the server taskbar at the top of the client will sometimes show unread messages too (when pinged I guess as it only shows when I have personnal/pinged unread messages).
The issue is that the team bar on the left of the client doesn’t show anything so I do not know which team is concerned by this/these unread message/messages.

It seems like sometimes I have even no unread message indicator at all (taskbar, serverbar, teambar, channelbar) as I found a message yesterday that I completely missed from some days ago and that I did not read.

As a side note, I tend to use deep sleep a lot on my computer, I don’t know if that can have an impact on the issue.

A collegue of mine, using the client on linux also has similar issues.

When refreshing the client (ctrl+r), notifications seem to be fixed

The issue you described sounds very similar to one of these tickets:

While waiting for the next release, you can also try the workaround mentioned here to see if it fixes the issue for you temporarily: Unread thread when none exists · Issue #22060 · mattermost/mattermost · GitHub.

that does not look like the mentionned tickets as I do get unread indicator on the taskbar and top “channel” bar but no indicator on any team. I have to go to each of my teams to find the one that has the mentionned unread message. There is no thread involved in my issue.
I took a picture of it happening today. On the left : you can see the top notification but no team notification
On the right, once I find the correct team, I get the channel notification, but still no team notification

What Mattermost server version are you on? What Windows version are you on?

server is on 7.9.2
mattermost client version is : 5.4.0 on windows 21h2 (19044.2965)

@hmhealey Would the epic that you created for unread issues ([MM-53247] - Mattermost) cover this issue?