"Switch Channel" menu doesn't show unread messages at the top anymore

The “switch channel” popup doesn’t show unread message from individuals or channels with mentions and/or unread messages at the top anymore. Sometimes it doesn’t even show them at all. I think this is happening since the recents show up in the empty state of the “switch channels” popup.

Happens both on web and the desktop app. Interestingly only some people in my company are experiencing that problem, for others it seems to work like always.

Any ideas?

Hello, @dorian_grey

Thanks for bringing this up. Would you mind confirming if you are experiencing similar behavior as the topic that has been created here which relates to the changes introduced to the channel switcher?

Else, please share more details on this since you do mention that it is happening for some users only. Sample screen shots with sensitive information redacted will be great too. Thank you.

Hello @ahmaddanial,

Thanks for linking this post - this seems to be exactly the behavior I am seeing: Unread messages somewhere in the stack of the recents and unread channels not showing up anymore at all.

I was not aware the changes in 5.37 ("add a recents list in the channel switcher), which sounded good and innocent, would completely replace the existing (in my opinion crucial) behavior. I really hope you make quick progress in bringing this back.

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Hi, @dorian_grey

You are most welcome. Happy to help!