`CTRL + K` behaviour changed?

I use CTRL + K often for switching channels / direct messages.

Especially nice was the feature, that unread channels were listed first. This behaviour changed since upgrading (from 5.31 to 5.37) the server, now one only sees the last visited channel, not the unread ones (at least not at the top).

Is this wanted behaviour or a bug? I wasn’t sure. Can I change the behaviour back?

Thanks in advance

Yes, this behaviour changed, this is listed in the changelog.

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Thanks for your reply.

That’s really a pity. :cry:

I assume there’s no easy way to change it (locally, ideally per client) back?

Hi, @kaaninho

We have the following Jira ticket created to keep track of the suggestion below:

Please add the ticket to your watchlist to keep track of the progress of it and share any additional thoughts as well. Hope that helps.

Thank you, that’s great! I try to help :slight_smile:

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