AI Plugin Version 0.3.1


  • More context for the LLM: The LLM now has access to basic Mattermost user details like your username, what channel you are speaking in, what your role is, etc. Curious what context is given? You can see the standard personality prompt template here:
  • LLM Tools: Added support for tool use using the OpenAI function calling API. Three tools have been integrated that the Large Language Model (LLM) can utilize:
    • Look Up Mattermost Users: A lookup for any Mattermost user. So if you say write a message to @somone it can look them up to customize based on them.
    • Look Up Posts in a Channel: Enables the LLM check the latest posts in any specified channel. Try asking it to summarize the last few posts in a channel. (note which posts this will retrieve are chronological, which is not necessarily the display order if you have CRT enabled)
    • Retrieve GitHub Issues: The LLM can use the inter plugin communication API to ask the GitHub plugin to lookup specific GitHub issues. Note that this requires a fully setup GitHub plugin. Try pasting a link and asking about a specific issue! (note that it doesn’t retrieve comments for now)
  • Azure Support

Github Support


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