API incoming webhook, Create TODO for other people

Hello, i’m able to create posts without problems, however but I cannot create TODO for other people.

I’ve tried to send the command:

/todo send @billgates Dont Cheat plz

Please, help me to setup the API properly, some example, thanks in advance!

Hi, @phoenixsampras

I just tested this on my end and verified that it is working properly. For example:

/todo send @userA Dont Cheat plz

Can you please confirm what you are seeing on your end when you sent the command? May I know if you are using the mattermost to-do plugin?

Hello, thanks for your response.

I’m trying from POSTMAN, this is the screenshot, I’m using BEARER TOKEN

The response says, there is no word that triggers actions

Maybe I’m using the wrong endpoint, can you tell me how to properly send a TODO with the API?? Because I couldn’t find any example or documentation.

Thanks in advance

Hi, @phoenixsampras

I am not aware of the usage of Mattermost API that directly calls to the to-do list feature apart from the to-do plugin itself. May I know if you have attempted to install and use the plugin itself? If not, is there any particular reason as to that? Any form of organization limitation?

Thanks for your response,

Yes im using the TODO plugin, installed normally, all work fine.

I’m trying to use the following TODO funcionality from API.

/todo send @userA Dont Cheat plz

If someone could address me an example of it, thanks.

Hi, @phoenixsampras

Good to know that the plugin works fine. Perhaps you can also reach out to the contributors of the plugins directly as well through here to get thoughts on this.