AWS S3 file storage


Error when setting up AWS S3

Steps to reproduce

File storage system: Amazon S3
Local storage directory: ./data/
Amazon S3 bucket: yspac2
Amazon S3 Region: us-east-2
Amazon S3 Endpoint:
Amazon S3 Secret Access Key: (none)
Enable Secure Amazon S3 Connections: false
Enable Amazon S3 Debugging: false

Expected behavior

Mattermost should connect to my bucket to handle file storage. I would just use it on my local server but Mattemost won’t handle large files.

Observed behavior

I saved mattermost settings
Clicked: Test connection
And recieved this error: Connection unsuccessful: Error checking if bucket exists. - undefined

The bucket does in fact exist!

Hi @coreywhite,

Can you help check your permissions for the AWS key that you are using:

Per the documentation, to make the test you need at least these permissions: s3:GetObject and s3:ListBucket (doc for reference).

If you still have issues, please enable the Enable Amazon S3 Debugging and post all the logs.

Where do I set the permissions? Also, how do I enable Amazon S3 Debugging?

@coreywhite I just noticed that you don’t have S3 Secret Access Key - do you have an access key enabled or are you using an Amazon S3 IAM Role: