Bridge failed to start: Team 'myteam' not found in []

after upgrading matterbridge to v1.25.2 for it to work for mattermost 7.1 version I am seeing this error message when I start matterbridge services

[0000] FATAL main: [main:pkg/mod/] Starting gateway failed: Bridge failed to start: Team ‘myteam’ not found in

Hi sudhirm and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

matterbridge v1.25.1 works just fine with Mattermost 7.x, you just need to add SkipVersionCheck=true to your mattermost server sections, because the way the server version is being reported changed. I’m running 1.25.1 here with 7.2.0 without issues.

Anyways, I’ve just upgraded my version to 1.25.2 and also removed the SkipVersionCheck=true again and it still works for me, without issues. Might be a configuration issue on your end, could you please share the matterbridge.toml file as well as provide the full console/log output of the startup process for matterbridge?