Bug Hunt Competition (Desktop App v1.3)

Huge thanks to everyone who helped submit pull requests for Desktop App v1.3, excited to ship the new release soon!

We’re trying out something new: a Bug Hunt Competition! Top 5 point scorers will win a special prize (if your mailing address is reachable by our merchandise vendor, we’d like to send you a personalized award with your name and Bug Hunt Champion achievement date.).

Anyone who scores at least one point will also be recognized on the Mattermost page.

To learn more on how to participate in the competition, please visit our desktop GitHub thread where it will be hosted. You are also welcome to join our Desktop App discussion channel to meet the Desktop App community and use the Mattermost server for testing.

The competition will run from Thursday July 7th until Monday July 11th 23:59 GMT

Good luck, let the bug hunt begin!

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