Built-in TLS/SSL did not auto renew


I cannot access my server instance because the built-in TLS/SSL did not auto renew.
How can I manually renew it?

Observed behavior

Cloudflare reports that the SSL handshake failed & the certificate has expired. This makes sense, as it has been about 3 months since I set up the server.

Hello, @aidenmitchell

May I know what SSL certificate (Digicert / LetsEncrypt / etc) you are using so we can refer to the right documentation for the manual renewal? There is no official Mattermost documentation that explains the manual process, hence the question.

Moving forward, consider configuring a cron job to renew it previously based on step #11 in the documentation

Configure cron so that the certificate will automatically renew every month.

I used these instructions to set up SSL. It is a Lets Encrypt certificate.

Hi, @aidenmitchell

Got it. In this case, can you please go through the steps again in the documentation to generate a new certificate? I did not find any other specific documentation about LetsEncrypt expired certificate renewal, so it might be a good idea to just generate a new one.


i am just building up, automated setups with LE for mattermost in Docker. So i have to restart the whole container when my certificate expires? Because i have found nothing in the documentation, but i would think it should auto renew, since mattermost generates with LE the certs automatically if configured correctly… Please tell me i don’t have to restart, if cert expires… PLS :fearful: