Bulk import fails with error "GetSchemeByName: Unable to get the sceme"

I have exported data from a live mattermost instance and want to import it into another mattermost instance(that already is populated with data). When I do the mmctl import process xxx.zip I get the following error:

ID: 1kqt6swtmtyx5xi8ma1mm9gtrw
Status: error
Created: 2023-11-23 15:25:03 +0100 CET
Started: 2023-11-23 15:25:09 +0100 CET
Data: map[error:Error during job execution. — GetSchemeByName: Unable to get the scheme., resource: Scheme id: schemeName=k5oqhb4gejrc9q3fxd6xihahih import_file:c9bfsagspbb4jk9y7gfd35ccir_n8kk65jp4fnh3m7i8ns7m1k31o_export.zip line_number:48]

If I look in the jsonl file produced by the export I can see that line 48 contains this:

{"type":"channel","channel":{"team":"REDACTED","name":"town-square","display_name":"Town Square","type":"O","header":"REDACTED","purpose":"","scheme":"s845jf47o3nifje3z3i1kwp95w"}}

Steps to reproduce
I am using version 8.1.1 with Database Schema Version 109 on both instances. I did a bulk export on the first instance with the following command:

mmctl export create --no-attachments

and I try importing it on the other instance with the following command

mmctl import process c9bfsagspbb4jk9y7gfd35ccir_n8kk65jp4fnh3m7i8ns7m1k31o_export.zip

Expected behavior
I expected the instance to import the exported data

What could be causing this?