Cannot assign TranslateFunc to c.T error


I am following the developer install instructions for the Mac OSX here.

When I enter the command make test I get the following errors:

platform:$ make test
Starting docker containers
Ldap test user
Running server tests
go test  -run=. -test.v -test.timeout=340s ./api || exit 1
api/context.go:101: cannot assign "".TranslateFunc to c.T (type "<username>/platform/vendor/".TranslateFunc) in multiple assignment
api/context.go:211: cannot use c.T (type "<username>/platform/vendor/".TranslateFunc) as type "".TranslateFunc in argument to c.Err.Translate
FAIL<username>/platform/api [build failed]
make: *** [test-server] Error 1

This after installing all dependancies with go get.

Strange. What version of go are you running?

resolved :slight_smile:

i will post later the issue i was having and how i think the instructions are unclear.


We are always trying to improve our documentation. Would love to hear what was unclear so we can fix it.