Cannot change mattermost-logo in about section : mattermost-webapp

Can’t change mattermost logo in about section of mattermost webapp

Steps to reproduce

  1. Setup both mattermost-server and mattermost-webapp.
  2. Both running perferctly in localhost.
  3. Commented svg logo of mattermost.jsx to point to a image src in a folder in same project with right path but showing babel error when using make package in mattermost-webapp

Expected behavior

The about section should display the changed logo instead of mattermost logo

Observed behavior

Showing babel error when running command make package in mattermost-webapp.

Hi @aneesaziz, thank you for reaching out.

Can you help review this doc and send over any logs or Console errors, as well as any relevant information about your environment (e.g. device, browser, server version):