Cannot create public/private channels with bot

Hi there,

I’m trying to create a bot for our Mattermost deployment.

Version: 5.15.0
Edition: Team

The endpoint I am trying to use is /api/v4/channels. I am successfully able to authenticate as the bot using a personal token and can submit my request. Unfortunately, I get the following response:

{ id: 'api.context.permissions.app_error',
  message: 'You do not have the appropriate permissions',
  detailed_error: '',
  request_id: '<redacted>',
  status_code: 403 }

The permission I need seems to be create_public_channel according to the API documentation. However, I cannot see anywhere in the UI to grant this to the bot.

Is anyone able to help shed some light on this? I imagine it also covers create_private_channel as well. The bot is able to successfully connect/authenticate/login with the token so I know it works. It can also receive messages and respond, so it’s working for the most part. I just need it to be able to create channels.

Thanks for the help!