Can't build Driver Javascript API

I’m trying to build the Javascript API (, but, “make build” is failing with multiple errors. I’m on a Mac, have MM running in a docker container on same machine, so, I don’t believe there could be attributed in my environment.

My main question is that “make build” creates a minified client.js (and maybe other source), but, why isn’t this just available on github without the needless pain of doing a build? I’m thinking it probably has something to do with the environment, but, really don’t want to have to debug a build when it’s unnecessary.

Can a current build be posted on Github? Isn’t it going to be the same for every platform, since this is a client to be deployed/used served to the browser as js source?

Also, I can not see a single example of using the Javascript API except “var client = new Mattermost.Client()” in the readme. Is anyone actually using this API? An example worth a millon words ;-).


Hi @davidbwelch as you can see in the updated README for that repo that project has been deprecated in favor of mattermost-redux I encourage you to go and take a look

Okay, I’ll try it. But, deprecation wasn’t until next year, thought it would still be usable.