Compiling on ARM

Is there an “approved build method” that doesn’t involve using x86 docker containers? I’d like to build this for the ARM platform :).


Would be also interested in having a solution for ARM platform (maybe without Docker as well)…

ARM isn’t currently supported. There’s definitely discussion around other platforms–Windows Server is the most common suggestion so far.

Mattermost features ideas can be shared, discussed and upvoted from the feature idea forum, which is regularly monitored by the Mattermost community. Would you be open to contributing your idea there?

Sure, installation guide and testing

Sure thing. Also, I think that I can run mattermost on ARM now-- basically I was just trying to see if anyone could provide me handy shortcuts. When I am done with my attempt, I will post a recap.

Just to find some supporter, please vote here:

@faddat did you had some successful progress already?

I’ve not, but since mattermost looks to be the best chat and has support for the integration of that chat into web sites, I’m going to have another go at it.

@faddat Any news? I’d also love to run it on my NAS…

Me too… @faddat
@tobkum any concept/idea from your side?

Hi, i run mattermost on RaspberryPi3 and it works great. thx to mattermost team and SmartHoneybee.

I want to run an MPNS, but cant compile it for ARM. Does Anyone know how to build it for ARM ?

I’m hoping to run mattermost on an Nvidia jetson nano, which is an arm64 device running Ubuntu 18.04 . What steps did you go through to get mattermost running on a Raspi3?


this indicates he is using the packages from