Consolidate Two Instances?

This may sound like a crazy request, I apologize. I have two production servers (one in AWS and another in Digitalocean) that I need to consolidate. They will end up being separate teams. Is it possible to create a new team on one server and migrate chat history and credential information? I would hate to have to have a team start all over again and lose chat info. Thanks in advance for the help!

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Hi @testerson! Thank you for reaching out.

Here is a doc that might help:

Let me know if this helps?

Thanks for the reply. It seems to me the reference that would apply is Migrating the Mattermost Server section ( It references moving the entire database and configuration settings. Since I already have two active servers, wouldn’t that mess wipe out the information on the server that I am migrating the information to?

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Hi @testerson I’ve asked for more information on this from our community and engineers in the Peer-to-peer Help channel in our build server - feel free to join and follow the discussion and ask any other questions you may have!

Reply from one of our engineers summarized:

We don’t currently have anything built for this. The only way to accomplish it would likely be similar to the migration guide, but the user would need to figure out how to merge the contents of both databases.