Linking two mattermost servers

I have mattermost server1 that I use for 3 different teams (team1, team2, team3)
I have mattermost server2 that I would like to use only for team1

is there a way to link those two servers (so users from team1 can login to either) or I have to have both team2 and team3 on server2?

is there any documentation available (Sorry my search-fu is not helping me today) wrt this linking of 2 mattermost servers?

Hi @velikitviteras! Thank you for reaching out.

Currently, the options that come to mind are the following:

  1. Using different URLs for servers 1 and 2 - if the URLs are different, then users can log in to both at the same time (either in webapp and/or desktop app).
  2. In desktop app, you can go to “Mattermost > Sign in to Another Server…”.
  3. As you mentioned, having all teams in one server.

These are the options I’m aware of, let me know if this helps!

Thanks Amy,

The idea is to have team1 use 2 servers in the same time (to handle higher load, to have higher availability, some backup …) and due to data security issues team 2 and 3 would have to stay on the original server (or be linked with third server) but not sure how to manage this :frowning:

Hi @velikitviteras! Thank you for additional details.

If you are using desktop app, you can go to “Mattermost > Sign in to Another Server…” and have multiple servers side by side.

If you are using webapp, the best option I know is to have a different URL for different servers to allow users to sign in to multiple servers at the same time. Other option is for the users to sign up with different email addresses on each server so that they can sign in to multiple servers at the same time.

If you are using mobile app, we currently don’t support multiple servers.

Let me know if this helps?