Connect to multiple servers in Android App

I just installed the Mattermost app from the play store. I’ve been trying to figure out how I can connect it to two different mattermost servers simultaneously.

I know that the Desktop app allows this, but I’m not seeing how to do it in the mobile app.

I work on multiple collaborative teams, and some of them utilize a mattermost server hosted by one organization, and others use a server hosted by another organization. (And I participate in multiple teams on each of those servers as well).

The mobile app certainly works for multiple teams on one server, I just haven’t figured out how to connect to a second server.

  • If this capability exists, could someone please tell me how to use it,
  • If the capability does not exist, then please consider this a feature request.


Hi @harky, thank you for reaching out!

This is absolutely something we should add for the mobile apps as we currently do not support multiple servers on the mobile app. There is a feature request open for this here with many votes.

We have also recently started to have more discussion about this as a team and we realize that there is a real need to support this feature. Unfortunately I am not able to give a timeline on when this feature will be available as of now, but I can give updates in this issue if there are further developments on this in the near future.

Hope this helps!

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Hello, as a workaround you can open mattermost web app in firefox mobile browser. Once it is open and running. Click on menu -> Install. it will install a separate app (sandboxed within firefox) on your mobile phone. Not really tried if notifications etc works but surely messeges can be sent and received.

Another work around that may be better for you, is to install the mattermost beta app alongside the mattermost app.

Hello, @harky

You can run up to a maximum of 4 different workspaces of Mattermost in a single go on the Android app using:

The official feature is still in the works here -