[SOLVED] Unable to sign into two teams with Mac Desktop


I belong to two teams, but on the OSX Desktop app only one appears.

Steps to reproduce

I’ve joined https://chat.civicrm.org

I used different email addresses for each account. So, I left CiviCRM and rejoined it with the same email address and password as my Drutopia account. However, whenever I log in with the Desktop app, it automatically joins me with CiviCRM and there is no option to join the Drutopia team.

For now I am just joining each through the browser.

Expected behavior

I expect to have a choice when logging into the Mattermost desktop app as to which team to view. Ideally I’d be able to have both teams listed in a sidebar and switch between them, similar to Slack.

Hi @claybolto,

Thanks for your feedback,

For teams to appear in the Mattermost sidebar, they need to be on the same server.

You are able to have different servers set up in the Desktop app and they will appear as tabs along the top of your screen (just below the app menu of “File, Edit, View… etc.”. To set up additional servers, go to File > Settings > Server Management > Add a new server

Does this help?

That worked! Thanks so much!

Note that on Mac it is slightly different-

Mattermost > Sign into Another Server

Ah, great news @claybolto, and apologies, I don’t have a Mac so wasn’t sure about the menu but with your help, I’ve learnt something today :slight_smile: