Multiple team issues

I am a member of multiple teams where I have the same username/email/password. When starting Mattermost and having logged in, I see my teams of which I have to choose one. This step seems really unnecessary, because this is why I logged in in the first place.

But now here is the issue: I can switch between the teams by choosing “Switch to” from the menu, but when I switch using the tabs (in the top of the window), I still see the login window. No matter what I do, they won’t disappear. Only after a Ctrl-R, I get the team chooser again.

Also found out that the choice I make in the team chooser, loads that team in the active tab. When clicking the tabs, it shows me the team of my last choice, and not the team that is mentioned on the tab. This makes this tab list completely unusable.

Are you talking about “tabs” in the browser? If that’s the case, you can only point to 1 instance and 1 team at a time, no matter how many tabs you open. This has to with how browser tabs work (and not with mattermost). Most sites use a cookie for the domain and this cookie normally contains information about what team you’re connected. The cookie is shared across all tabs that are pointing to the same domain (let’s say So in that sense, if you open one tab and go to one team and you open another tab, you’ll be connected to the same team.
If you wan to be in both teams at the same time, you’ll have to use 2 different browsers or a combination of a regular tab and a private window (where cookies are not shared with the regular tabs)

No, I use the Mattermost app in Mac OS. The point is not to be in two
teams at the same time, but that the tabs don’t correspond to the team
that is written in it. If I click the tab with ‘Team A’, then I expect
that the content shows this team, even if I changed to Team B before.
The whole thing with the tabs becomes quite useless without this.

Ah ok so then completely disregard everything I said :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks @princeofnaxos for the feedback!

Mattermost Server 3.6 has a new team sidebar feature where all your teams will be displayed on the left-hand sidebar.

This will let you easily use all your teams that belong to the same server on one tab - hence without a need to have a separate tab for your teams (in your case, you would just need one open tab)

Ok, I installed Mattermost Server 3.6. Looks good! But how do I get rid
of the tabs that I have in the MacOS app?

With best regards,

Edwin Boersma

Hey @princeofnaxos, if you go to File > Settings on the top menu bar, you’ll be brought back to the Settings page.

There you can click “Remove” next to each of your teams that you want to remove.

PS: If the top menu bar is hidden, you can display it by pressing the Alt key.