[Solved] Cannot log in to multiple accounts at once after 3.0 upgrade

I just upgraded my self-hosted Mattermost server from 2.1.0 to 3.0.2. I followed the upgrade guide here http://www.mattermost.org/upgrade-to-3-0/

I also upgraded my Linux desktop client from 1.1 to 1.2.

I have two separate accounts on two separate teams. Before the upgrade to the 3.0.2 server, I was able to log in to both accounts in different tabs in my browser at the same time with no problem. I was able to do the same in the desktop client. Now, however, I can only log in to one at a time.

My current workaround is to use a browser for one account, and the desktop client for the other, but this is not ideal.

How can I resolve this so that the behavior is the same as before the upgrade?

Hi @bill,

Are you using the same account or different accounts to log into the teams?

The v3.0 upgrade changed the user model so users are only meant to have one account per server. We recommend choosing one account as your main account, and inviting it to the other teams + private groups you were a part of.

You should then be able to use multiple teams in different browser tabs or desktop app tabs.

Hello -

I am running into the same problem. After the upgrade I can’t have multiple tabs open for my different teams. I just tried to invite myself to one of my other teams from the Primary Team I am a member of, but when I try to join the new team I get a message that says my email address is already exists.

Also, before the upgrade I was able to switch between teams by clicking on the left side panel and selecting switch to TEAM, but I don’t see that option.

Hi @SteveS,

To join the new team, can you try logging in to your main account, and then clicking the team invitation link or the invitation link in an email for the team you want to join?

If you’re logged in you should automatically join the team with that account, we’re trying to add a “Sign In” option to the account creation page soon.

You should be able to “Switch to Team” after you join the other teams with your main account.

This worked. Thanks for your prompt reply! Have a nice day!

Thanks for the reply @lfbrock . I’m logging in to two different accounts, one for one team, one for the other. For my use case, it needs to be this way; combining the accounts is not desirable. I really want the two accounts to be separate.

@bill can you explain a bit more about your use case? Why do you need them to be separate accounts?

@lfbrock The two accounts are associated with two different email addresses. I want to preserve this while being able to log in to both at the same time.

Can you explain more about why you need accounts with two different email addresses though? Is it that you want the notifications to go to different addresses?

Yes, that’s exactly it.

@bill would you be able share more about why you have them going to two separate addresses?

It seems like a rare case since typically a Mattermost server would contain teams within a company, or teams that are somewhat related. In these use cases, I think most users would want to use the same email address to log into the site.

Just trying to gather the details so I can talk to the team about why this is needed.

@lfbrock I’m using a single mattermost server to host teams for two different companies. Since I am part of each of these companies, I have one account for each company, but with different email addresses.

I realize my particular use case might be rare. But getting back to the set up I had before (being able to be logged in two two different accounts simultaneously from the same desktop client) now seems to require me to install two separate instances of the mattermost server. I’d like to avoid doing something like that if possible since it doubles the work I need to do to maintain the server.

Like I said above, I have a workaround (use the desktop client for one account, a browser for the other), but I would like to return to the UX I had before the upgrade to 3.0 if possible.