[SOLVED] Is it possible to sign into teams on *separate servers* in the same client?


Does anyone know if it is possible to sign into teams on separate servers in the same client?
For example, say I would like to use the Mattermost macOS desktop client for both (a) a Mattermost
server and team used at my work and (b) a separate Mattermost server and team used for an
open source project or group of friends or a test Mattermost server in which I test a bot.

https://docs.mattermost.com/help/getting-started/signing-in.html#switching-teams describes how to sign into multiple teams… but AFAICT that is limited to just teams on the same Mattermost server.


If you are using the desktop client, you should be able to do that in File/Settings/Server management. I have only my own server so I can’t test multiple Mattermost servers, but I use this to connect to a Slack server as well and it works well. It adds tabs to the client to switch between servers.

Thanks! I assume you are using the Windows desktop client, but your saying it was there helped me find it in the macOS desktop client I’m using. In the macOS client it is available starting from “Mattermost > Sign in to Another Server…”. I’m embarassed I didn’t find that before asking. :slight_smile:

I’m using both Linux and Windows versions. My Linux computer is off at the moment but I think it’s in File/Settings as well. No idea about Mac to be honest but happy that you found it!


Is it possible to switch between servers in iOS client as well? On Mac works perfectly, you just have another server tab. But I was unable to find something similar in iOS version. Only one server is active. Thanks.


Hi @Eps,

This feature is not yet available for mobile.

Perhaps you’d like to add your vote to the feature suggestion on our forum?