Keyboard shortcut for switching Teams

There is currently no way to use the keyboard to switch between teams.

CMD+Num is there for switching Servers, not Teams. There are a number of different pages on the web that list different shortcuts for the different OS’s, but none of them do the job of actually switching between Teams. It’s like the writers of these pages don’t realise there’s a difference between mattermost servers and mattermost teams.

F6 can be used to move around the different sections of the UI, but the Team Selection sidebar is not one of the places on F6’s route.

It’s often been suggested that [CMD/CTRL]+k include the team names, and even that would be great also.

We’re using Mattermost server 5.20.1, and Mattermost Mac client 4.4.0.

PLEASE implement this feature. Even if it’s added as a menu item, that will make the functionality available to Automators.