Enable User to switch between teams

Currently in mattermost while creating a team we use to get the unique URL for the team and the user belongs to particular team can’t be switched.
The new feature will be like: Creating a wrapper over the team known as organisation which will have the unique URL. Each organisation will have multiple teams and the user belong of different teams can be switched, though they should belong to same organisation.
So for now mattermost implements 2 level of hierarchy i.e. teams and users. I want to implement the 3 level architecture in mattermost having: organisations, teams and users.
Along with this implementation of elastic search will be a great idea, so that one can easily find any particular team, group or user.
Is the suggested feature is feasible with mattermost? If yes, what will be the initial requirements which I have to take care of. Also will there be any major changes required in original mattermost code to implement the suggested functionality?
Any suggestions or comments are most welcome.

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If you use the same email account on multiple teams you should have the option to switch across teams in the main menu under.

@eric, would you know if this documented in end user help? If not, probably a useful addition,

@usmanarif appreciate your feedback, adding an “organization” would be a major change, could we have your help creating a feature idea that can be discussed an upvoted if you need something beyond the team switch option?

Yep, switching teams is documented in End User Help here.

Perfect, thanks Eric!