General Features

Hi everyone !

I’m quite new here, I’ve just installed mattermost and it looks very cool but it feel like it lack of something …

I’m a bit confused with the user management. I’ll explain what I’ve understand so far and correct me please !

There 4 types of account :

 1. System user
 2. Team leader
 3. User
 4. Inactive 

Those have different rights but I doesn’t feel right …

  1. User
    can :
    create their own account / invite other.
    create team
    change their name
    change their email
    can’t :
    do admin/teamleader stuff

  2. Team leader
    can :
    create user/team
    change the name of their team
    edit team settings
    manage member of their team
    can’t :
    change the URL of their team

  3. System user
    can :
    manage the features of the service itself
    change right on user in the different teams
    invite user
    create team
    can’t :
    list every user
    change name and the URL of a team
    add/remove user in a team
    edit user profile (mail, name, …)

  • So everyone can create teams (unlimited ?) and user (the present verification mail is meaningless : no key/password/… )
  • If you enable the user/team creation. it’s not possible to enable it only for admin/teamleader ?
  • It’s not possible to delete user or team or even rename completely the team (URL)
  • The system admin can only manage his group and he doesn’t have the power to manage team (only change type of account)
    It could be interesting to implement a space to manage/add/delete account in the system panel

what about this :

Thanks all !!

Hi @Marc,

That overview looks about right, let me see if I can answer your questions:

  1. Everyone can create teams (unlimited number) if Team Creation is enabled. The System Administrator can turn team creation off by going to System Console > Team Settings and setting Enable Team Creation to false.

  2. If user/team creation is enabled, anyone can invite users or create a team. You can restrict this to a certain email domain by going to System Console > Team Settings and filling in the Restrict Creation To Domains field. It is not possible to restrict it to only Team Administrators at the moment, but we are discussing adding this as an option.

  3. It’s not possible to change the team URL right now. There is a Jira ticket in the backlog but it hasn’t been implemented yet. You can delete users and teams using the command line, but we recommend using this cautiously and backing up the database first.

  4. System Administrators have all the permissions a Team Administrator has. They can also view the users and statistics for a team by going to System Console > Teams and selecting a team. System Administrators can reset a user’s password, but currently the other information can only be edited by the users themselves.

The ability for System Administrators to join existing teams, and create teams or user accounts directly from the System Console is something we’re missing right now. We’ve talked about adding that, and would welcome a feature request if you’d like to add one.

Hope that helps!