Forced to select team on login even though already a member

We have users that are reporting from time to time when they login to the web client they are forced to choose a public team to join, even though they are existing users that have logged in previously and already part of several teams. It forces them to join a public team (that they don’t necessarily want to be a member of) and then have to leave the team. They are then able to switch teams to ones they are already members of. Any idea what may cause something like this?

Hi @user2019,

One possibility is that they could be clicking on a link that then redirects them to the team.

If the above doesn’t sound possible, can you help share any additional relevant details about your environment (e.g. device, OS, Mattermost server version)?

Hi Amy, a bad link does not seem to be the case.

We are running MM EE 5.8.0 in OpenShift, the docker image OS is CentOS 7.

Users have reported this several times on the web client, not the desktop or mobile client.

To be clear, it’s redirecting to the /select_team landing page for some reason, but not consistently

Hi @user2019,

Would you or the affected users be able to capture any Mattermost logs or Console logs when the issue happens next time?

I’ll try and grab some. I just checked the MM/console logs and nothing stood out to me. Also the MM log file has no timestamps, is that a configuration thing?

Hi @user2019,

Thank you. Those are Unix timestamps (change is documented here). According to the documentation you should be able to switch to plain text output.

Did anyone found solution to this??