Getting started with Mattermost? Managing logins, groups and channels?

Hello out there!

We started our experiments with our own mattermost implementation.
But after looking at the smooth working system, we get some question on how to get it organized?

If we call the mainpage, it push us, to great an new team. After logout and go back to the login it also asks again for an team name. If i use the logon with the team-url, it asks for the login…

But - we only needs the users in one start group and then they might play, what they might want to play (let them free…). How to configure this? Is this possible?

We try to convince some users to get back from slack on our implementation. But they only know the easy login opportunity and the nice look and feel to an portal-looking startpage, with group, chats and so on…
How can we archive this?

What were your initial steps?

Thanks so far…



Hey community…? :loud_sound: :wave:

Anybody can share their experiences?
And perhaps your steps…step by step :wink:


Hi @MartinH,

What version of Mattermost are you using? We recently updated the login flow in v3.0, so I would recommend upgrading if you haven’t already.

Can you clarify what you mean by wanting users in one start group?

If you mean you want users in one team, I would recommend you set up one team and then send people invites to that team. You can do this from the Main Menu, using either “Invite New Member” to send an email invitation or “Get Team Invite Link” to get a link that will take users to the sign up page for your team.

Thanks for your reply. We updated our instance to the 3 Version. So we have to start to feel home…
Now waiting for the Android 3 Updates to the play Store… any news to that…?

We’re leaving the 2.x mobile apps on iTunes and Google Play until 5/20, then they’ll be upgraded to 3.0. A note was added to the 3.0 announce but it’s not easy to find. Thanks for asking!