Modify default channel for new users

Hi every body !

i would like to create a team for my association, but i don’t find it very intuitive that when you arrive you only have the two default channels and you don’t know what’s going on, especially if you never used this kind of service before, like mattermost or slack or discord

So i wonder if it’s possible to add more default channels for new users, that would automatically appear when they enter the team ?

I didn’t find this option, maybe it’s not possible ?

I this case, would it be possible to add a personnal message when you connect the first time : for the moment you get a message from the system " you have join the team .", but maybe it could be a short text that explain the basics of mattermost (join this channel, read this pin message, etc…) ?

thx for your work and your help !

This Welcome plugin may help: GitHub - mattermost/mattermost-plugin-welcomebot

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thx :slight_smile: by your answer i understand that it’s not possible by default in mattermost :confused: unfortunately i’m not using my own mattermost, so i will see if the guys are willing to implements this plugin

hello, is there also a way to modify the default config file to add channels and categories to the default. is it as simple as modifying one file or would multiple files need to be updated? if this is possible can you confirm which file is the template for loading the defaults when new teams are created? i want to try modifying it.

thank you