I want to remove the default channels which are created while creating a team

Hi All,

I am working with Mattermost API. After creating my team, I want to remove the default channels and instead I want to create my own channel. Is it something change in the config file, otherwise I have to delete and create my own channel via API at the time of team creation. Any help really appreciated.

Hi @Thileepan,

Can you help me understand why you want to remove the default channels? You should be able to rename the default channels from the dropdown menu beside the channel name if that helps.

In the future we want to add the option to add additional default channels, or an option to choose which channels a user should be added to when they are invited to a team. If that sounds like something that’s similar to what you want, we would welcome a feature request so others can upvote it too.

Ah, actually I want to rename the default channel name. Let me try with updateChannel API. Also, if there is an option in the config to set it up once then it will be helpful. May a feature request :slightly_smiling:

Thanks anyway for your reply.


We migrated from slack. The default channels were called general and random. I want to rename them to Off-Topic and Town Square but to keep the history.

Hi @lioman, that makes sense - would you be able to open a feature request on it?

As a workaround for Off-Topic channel, I think if you:

  1. Rename the original Mattermost Off-Topic channel to something else and change the channel URL
  2. Rename “random” to Off-Topic and change the channel URL to off-topic

Then your “random” channel history will now show up as the default Off-Topic channel. We have a ticket here to also let the URL of town-square be changed, but it’s currently not possible.

hello, was this feature implemented? i want to do something similar. when a user creates a new team i want to have a default setup of categories and channels grouped under thise caregories. is this possible to do by editing one of the config files?