No more default channels

I don’t get the idea behind the default channels. Why are two channels created of which one isn’t even allowed to be deleted. I don’t want to have a channel with a url “town-square”. Why can’t I change this?

If I create a team I want an empty channel list. I want to create all my channels myself.

Hi @T3rm1,

We’ve made some assumptions with the design of Mattermost which means that it requires that the Town Square channel exists. You’re free to delete the Off Topic channel once a team has been created, but there’s no option yet to not create it in the first place.

I see that you’ve already found our feature ideas forum and made a post there. Thanks, that’ll help us prioritize based on community interest.

I see the need of a default channel (or many) as new users need a place to land automatically be connected to some company channels. Perhaps the feature will be to have a fixed default (town-square) that can be renamed by the admin. And then let the admin pick other default channels (like Off-Topic).
Particularly, we have 4 “channels” that we want everybody to be (and that’s besides the 2 defaults of mattermost) So right now I have to tell everybody “Ok, now join Announcements, Technical Service, etc”.
Having the ability to configure the default channels will be great.
I don’t think we can’t get away from a “town-square” channel where every user is a member (with no choice to leave) as that will be the only way to reach all users in the team. But it will be nice if it can be renamed.

@ngcnelson Yes, that’s also a feature we’ve heard asked for as well. There’s another post on our feature idea page for that if you’d like to put your votes towards it.