Private Teams/Groups/Channels

Multiple exclusive ‘teams’ or ‘groups’ or ‘channels’

Been using Mattermost for a while now, mainly for my wife and I on our own CentOS server, so we can private message each other - great mobile app keeps me on-task with the shopping lists :slight_smile:

I have also installed it on a server for a group of colleagues but can’t seem to see if I am on the right/wrong track from the docs so starting this new question - sorry if this is the …th time you have seen this question.

We have about 7-8 team member currently (I added them via command line to the main ‘team’ - not sure if there is actually a GUI instead of command line option - can’t see that anywhere). All good, I live in #!/bin/bash

I now have a need to add a who new team/group/category of members and have them locked into just their own team. I ‘think’ I can restrict each use to not be able to ‘see’ the other teams but without more testing I can’t tell.

It would be great if the existing original team could get to the new ‘private’ team for interaction, but not the other way around.

So can you have autonomous ‘teams’, ‘groups’ or ‘channels’, or should I opt for a different forum software for these other team members? Be wonderful if I could nut this out and stay with my beloved Mattermost.

Sorry if the answer is in plain sight, been reading and reading but the whole team/group/channel banter is leaving me in a muddle.

Thanks all, great product and will keep using it for as long as I live on Linux (so like, forever).

Hi @dmc1961 Glad to hear you are enjoying Mattermost :slight_smile:

You can make any team private by going to Team Settings > Allow anyone to join this team > No.

So in this case it sounds like you would want to make the “private” team a public one, and the existing original team a private one?

You should also have an option on the LHS to create a private channel if this sounds like a better option.

Let me know if this helps?

Perfect Amy, thank you.

Will get to tinkering and see what I can set up for the masses :slight_smile:

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