Mattermost feature explanation

maybe this is a funny questions, i really new in this mattermost and im not IT heavy. I am have a task to test the mattermost application,
what is “TEAM” mean? what is “channel” mean? are both different?
, first when we sign up,

(my assumption, if we enter same team, we will get one team automatically)
,but after i tried it, there just separated team (although same team name)
and then i must switch to team that i want to join.
maybe the “channels” similar with “private groups” that contain the people who have same in common conversation, but i still didn’t clear what is “TEAM” mean.
i really need guidance to use this app, thanks you

Hi @auzty, here’s some documentation to start. There should be an article on creating teams being added, which should explain teams.

@eric, just curious where the article is in the queue?

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Hi @auzty, the documentation on creating teams can be found here.

Quick summary is that “teams” are a collection of members that have conversations organized into “channels”, which can be viewable to all members in the team, or private to a select number of people in the team.

You can have multiple teams on your system with the same “Team Name” (since it is just a display name), but the “Team URL” must be different for all the different teams on your system. I will submit a pull request to make this more clear in the documentation, thanks for bringing this up!