Channels vs Teams in Mattermost + BigBlueButton

I am trying to check out the possibility of using Mattermost Team version + BigBlueButton to implement a collaboration function in my application. My application is a Middleman marketplace Freemium-model application that connects Users to other Users in different Companies, and would have 2 types of teams:

  1. Organization-level teams. There would be multiple organizations (typically, = Companies) within the Application Userbase, & each Organization may have 1 or more Users.
  2. Project-level teams. There would be multiple projects in the system, and each Project would include Users that belong to multiple Organization-level teams. Each Project-level team would have at least 2 Users, who may or may not belong to the same Organization.

The application has to support 1-1 & Group chats, 1-1 & Group Audio/ Video meetings, and File-sharing.

I understand from BigBlueButton documentation ( that BigBlueButton uses Channels to hold meetings.
Here, my first question is:

  1. Is there any approach by which we can use Teams to hold meetings in BigBlueButton (instead of Channels)?

Also, in the Mattermost context, I have a few questions:
2. Can Mattermost Channels be setup in the Mattermost Team version? The reason I am asking this is: Mattermost documentation states that a “Channel Admin” role is available only in Version E10 and above (
3. If Channels can be set up in the Team version, will the administration be handled by the Mattermost System Admin role ? If not, how would this be handled?
4. Does Mattermost support multi-level Channels ? Would this be supported in the Mattermost Team version ?
5. Would it be recommended to deploy a single Team across the entire User base in my application, and then define multiple channels for the various Organization-level groups and/or Project-level groups?
6. In the above scenario, can we have Users belonging to multiple channels at the same time? Is this doable in the Mattermost Team version ?

Hi @sujithkattathara,

I encourage you to read this documentation as it gives a very helpful overview of teams and channels in Mattermost:

Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. I believe it can only be done via channels.

2., 3. Yes, channels can be created in Team Edition. Administration of channels will be handled by System Admins.

  1. Here is information on the types of channels we support:

  2. We normally recommend starting with one team that includes multiple channels. The documentation that I linked at the top of my message will have more information on the options to organize your channels and teams. Also, if you change your mind in the future and decide to have multiple teams, you can use this CLI command to move channels to a different team:

  3. Yes, users can belong to multiple channels at the same time.


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